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Yoga Junky offers a strength & conditioning class, the format is dynamic (flowing) with up-beat music playing and students are encouraged to work to their own individual edge (muscles engaging not joints straining). 

The class has been developed to appeal to not just those who want to get physically fit, strong and flexible but also to those who want to silence an overactive mind.  To enable this a lighthearted approach is adopted to help students relax and listen to their own body without intimidation, as yoga is not a competition and we all have to leave our ego at the ‘door’ as it’s not about forcing your body into positions that it’s not yet ready for, but is about celebrating what you can do, as we all have strengths and challenges but with practice and patience the rest will come.

With this in mind you will never be forced into a pose and various options are offered to enable you to tailor the class to your own level, working as strong, or as lightly as YOU choose too - facilitating you to work within your own parameters of stretch and strength (no strain or pain) giving you the control - because only when the body is ready will it arrive!

Verbal adjustments are used as a tool of self-awareness because yoga encourages us to never give our ‘power away’ but to take responsibility and respect the self. This isn’t just to prevent injuries but has the added benefit of recognizing when the body is under stress, and knowing how to manage it.

Try Yoga Junky and ‘get addicted!’

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